Pub_about_whoroulyBuilt on the present pub site, Whorouly’s first hotel was a rambling wooden building with a shingle roof; later an iron roof was placed over the shingles. It was built by the first publican Michael Dodd. Like many of the old watering holes it burnt down and the present concrete hotel was built by publican Sinclair in the early 1930s.

The ‘new’ pub has been renovated, remodelled and revamped many times over the years, reflecting both the changing eras and the various owners/licencees. The latest incarnation occurred around 2005, when the bar was extended, layers of lino were removed from the floor to expose the old timber, and the ‘toilet’ tiles were removed from the walls, which were then given a lick of orange paint. The orange walls may not appeal to all, but when combined with the purple fireplace, the blue pool table and the green trimmings, we have what Graham lovingly calls the most colourful pub in Australia.

When we took over the Whorouly Hotel in 2010, one of our priorities was to bring the beer garden back to life and now, during summer, it is an oasis of green and shade. In the pool room we have exposed the fireplace, complete with twisted chimney, and reinstated the table and jukebox. The dining room can comfortably accommodate up to 45 and looks out on the giant gum trees, paddocks of dairy cattle and sheep, and the mountains.

But the pub is much more than a pub. We are also home to the Whorouly Post Office, subnewsagency and shop (some call it the corner store, others are a little more ostentatious with licensed supermarket). So, if you want to post a parcel, buy a bottle of milk, pick up a paper and enjoy a beer or two, you know where to come.